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My Mother is half Italian, half German and my Father is American. I was born in a US Army Hospital in Germany. I'm an American Citizen and speak English, German and understand a few other dialects. I lived in Germany within 20 Kilometers of famous Ramstein Air Base till I was 14 and then we moved to Fort Bragg North Carolina, home of the 82nd Airborne, 3rd Group Special Forces, 75th Army Ranger Regiment and Delta Force. That was a 20 year education all in itself....but I managed to survive almost intact ;)  . It's with good reason the town is nicknamed "Fayettenam".

I have been drawing since i was a kid. It's a gift from God and then developed after many  years of practice. My biggest inspiration was my cousin Marcus who was an Art Professor in Zurich Switzerland. My  favorite Artist is Leonardo DaVinci because he was also an Engineer, Inventor and Illustrator. I've been a professional Advertising Artist and Photographer for many years. During that time I have done numerous Pencil Portraits. It's the one thing that people seem to like the most and can afford to give as gifts.


While I mainly do Graphic Design , Logos and Pencil Portraits at this time, in the past I have drawn or painted People, Aviation, Vehicles, Motorcycles, Architecture, Landscapes, Comic Characters, I have custom airbrushed First Place winning Harley-Davidson Show Bikes, painted Wall Murals, the sides of Cargo Trailers,  Illustrated Posters, CD/Album Covers, Advertisements,  high end Caricatures and Quick-Caricatures seen at Fairs, Logos, Graphics, T-Shirts and much much more.

During my extensive Photography career i have photographed a large variety of subjects in the studio as well as outdoor shoots, including Advertising & Product, News, Sports, Theatre, Symphony, Concert, Architecture, Portraiture, High School Seniors,  Model Shoots, Weddings, Culinary Food shots, Aerial and much more.  ..but currently mainly concentrated on Highschool Seniors and Advertising Imaging.

Aside from photography and artwork, I enjoyed success in three different sports winning 1st place in Baseball, Football, and Bowling and was All-Star and Co-Captain in Baseball and Football. But my love of Art superceded any desires to continue pursuing sports. In Highschool I was privileged to be selected as Student Teacher in Art and Shop Class. My greatest personal success in Art was when I won 1st and 2nd place in the same Art Contest that allowed multiple pieces to be entered. It was the best feeling ever, but no money. Everyone going into Art as a career knows that they are doing it because they love it, and  not because of financial gain...because there is very very little money in the Art field and the term  "starving artist" is very true. Musically I really enjoy playing the drums in my dormant Bands named  "Suspicious Cats" and "Innocent Suspects". There is only one Band Member at this time...Me :) .

My individual pencil sketches are drawn by my hands with a pencil, NOT by a computer, or A.I. Technology. It's genuine artwork like the old masters. On occasion I do combine multiple individual Hand Drawn Pencil sketches into a group portrait using the computer. ( that "final" group combination is considered a Photographic Image rather than an original Pencil Sketch).

I custom developed an ancient method of accurately measuring the relationship between Eyes, Nose, and Mouth which I call the "Intersecting Points Method" or "Facial Triangulation "

I try my best to provide a good likeness based on the photo i receive to work from. The better the photo, the better likeness can be achieved.

Pencil Sketches are the best, personal gift someone can receive.

They are very successful and enjoyed for generations... sometimes in museums.

Give the gift that can't be purchased in a store....and be the hit of the party.

Self Portrait 2023
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