Most caricature artists  draw at blazing fast speeds of 10-20 B&W faces per hour /  one every 3-6 minutes ). 

Because QuickSketchCaricatures is more concerned about image quality and a good likeness we draw at a much slower maximum rate of 3-4 PER HOUR ( one every 15-20 minutes ) This also makes our caricatures more suitable for Advertising & Signage than the speeders.


1) We specialize in doing just Black & White Single Face Quick Sketch Caricatures. It's the only type of caricatures we do whether it's Digital by Email or during a Live Event.

2) CARICATURES-DELIVERED-BY-EMAIL is the main thing we do (by drawing from your own photos).

3) For CARICATURES-DELIVERED-BY-EMAIL we will email the high resolution finished Caricature to you so you can print it out on your end. This results in much faster delivery and allows you to print as many copies & different sizes as you want on your end...this also saves you allot on shipping charges.

4) We do LIVE EVENTS but it is rare and we are very, very selective when we do.

5) We can draw just one single caricature for you or many caricatures (the average price is $15* PER FACE, Plus Tax - See PRICING page )

6) We accept Credit Card Payments thru PayPal ( We will send you an Invoice to pay from )

7) We give referrals to other Artists when we can't do the job for you ourselves.

    ( See our extensive REFERRAL LIST below )

REFERRALS TO OTHER ARTISTS for events & services we do not do.




 WHAT WE DO NOT DO: Sorry :( 

1) No Color Caricatures

2) No Full Body Caricatures

3) No Rush Jobs - ( Ex. needing a caricature to give as a Gift tonight would be a rush)

4) No Events of less than 500 attendees - ( ex.  like Birthday & Holiday celebrations )

5) No Events lasting less than 5 hours - It takes allot of time to set up for our Quick Sketch Caricature Service which prohibits small, short duration venues.

6) We Rarely do Freebees. You can ask, but unless you are the ASPCA or PETA it is unlikely.

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